On Jealousy

I really hate being jealous of others. I don’t like that feeling of wanting what others have. It’s hard to see friends on Facebook buying houses and having babies. I want that. I want to buy a house with my husband and start making it a home. What are we doing wrong? More importantly, what are they doing right?

Dont get me wrong. I love my life. I am so in love with my husband, family, friends and things I have. I am so extremely happy with everything I have. It’s just hard sometimes to see others reach your goals before you.

I know it will come in time. Patience is a virtue…and I am trying my best to be patience.


Sucker For A Good Time

B and I are DINKS (double income no kids) We really have nothing tying us down. We can basically do whatever we want. If we want to go out to eat…we can do that. If we want to take a road trip…we can do that. If we want to sleep in till noon on a saturday…we can do that.

Does it mean we actually can? No. As much as I would love to go out to eat twice a week and meet friend for happy hour we can’t afford it right now. Where do you find that balance? B and I don’t buy expensive things, we don’t own super nice cars and I can’t remember the last time we went out to eat just the two of us. The last time I went shopping for myself I spent $35 on 5 articles of clothes on sale at the GAP. I was on cloud 9 but still felt guilty for spending $35. We have the luxury of being free from mortgage and kids but what good is it if you can’t afford to do anything.

When I was in college I was a sucker for a good time. I never really watched what I spent. I never really save anything but never was really broke. I worked in a restaurant so if I was a little low on cash I would pick up an extra shift. I was in a sorority so there was always things to do and dues to pay. I always had a friend who would go to the bar or the movies or shopping.

After college you should have the time of your life. Not blogging about how you can’t afford to go to the movies. I really hope I am just in a slump now. It’s just hard seeing others doing things you want to do.