1 Year

This sunday B and I will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary.


I honestly can’t believe it has gone by so fast. People tell you that your wedding will go by fast and you don’t really believe them until it happens. Then they tell you your first year of marriage will go by super fast. Again, you don’t believe them until it happens.

We are going away for the weekend to the Outer Banks, NC. I’m so excited to spend a weekend alone with my husband.

B. I have fallen more and more in love with you and I cant wait to see what our future has in store for us. Everyday is an adventure. I know things are hard now but it wont be like that for long. I honestly believe that we can get through anything life throws at us. We are strong and in love and that’s all we need. I love you with all of my heart.




I feel the need to dream a little bit. B and I have been having a hard stressful time recently and need something good to cheer us up. I want to talk about our dream home. Our forever home. The one we will raise our children in. The one we will have happy family memories in.

My dream home is a farm-house. It will be a fixer upper, something old but has good bones. One with a lot of history and with a lot of space…both inside and out.

I want to fix up the house to make it everything we want it to be. To make it fit our lives and the lives of our kids….our imaginary kids :0)  I want it to have plenty of room but still feel cozy. I would love to have a big wrap around porch with a swing and a long driveway.

I want a big barn or a garage for B to put all of his “man toys” in. I want space for a garden, where I can grow my own fruit and veggies. I want to learn how to can everything I grow and be “that” neighbor that everyone loves because she brings homegrown tomatoes over. I want a big treehouse where our kids can play for hours. I want a dinner bell on the porch to call everyone in when supper is ready.

I want someplace where our kids can run and get into trouble…the good kind of trouble you can only get into on a farm :0) where they can ride their bikes without having to worry about cars or traffic. Where you have simple fun. Fun from running and playing sports outside…not sports on the computer or tv screen. I want a simple life. Full of family, friends and love.

I want a big farm-house sink with butcher block counter tops. I want a big wooden table that B made with his own hands. I want family game night, christmas dinner and pancake morning around that table. I want big 4th of July barbeques and birthday parties full of family and friends.

This is what we want. This is our goal we are working towards. I know those of you that already own a home or have kids are probably laughing at us right now. I know most people dream of the house with the white picket fence but never achieve it.

But we will. I know we will have everything we ever dreamed of. It may take time but eventually we will have it. I think you have to believe in your dreams or you will never make it happen.

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