Pimp My Lunchbox

Welcome to another episode of Pimp My Lunchbox!

Lets look at the budget/figure friendly lunch I packed today!

First we have some chicken noodle soup. It’s the healthy low sodium stuff. I split the can between B and I. To make it go farther and be more filling I add extra vegetables to it. I added extra carrots, broccoli, corn and green beans. Not exactly the things you add to a chicken noodle soup but we work with what we have.

It looks really bad but it taste so good.

Next we have some snacks. I’m a big snacker. I usually eat my breakfast at 7:30 have a snack around 11, eat lunch at 1 then have another snack at 4. 
I packed some string cheese, almonds and yogurt. I usually keep some popcorn in my desk…just in case. 

Today B will be gone all day. He will be working a few hours in the morning then has 3 classes for college. He will be away from 8AM to 10 PM. No way am I going to let him leave the house with out a good packed lunch :0)

What did you bring for lunch today?



6 thoughts on “Pimp My Lunchbox

  1. for lunch today, i had swordfish steak with baby carrots and fat free ranch. I know it sounds impressive but it was supposed to be our dinner last night except i wasn’t hungry enough to eat it so had cereal instead : )
    my eating schedule is just like yours! i have bfast at 7:30 (lately, its been 2 bacon, 2 egg whites and whole wheat tortilla–yummy!), snack at 10 (apple and peanut butter), lunch at 1, but then i don’t eat until I get home, so like 6:30 or so.
    I also keep popcorn in my desk, just in case ; )

  2. Today I had toast and and egg for breakfast. I say that because my work meals includes oatmeal. It’s not quite for breakfast but it’s not lunch either.

    I’m bringing instant oatmeal ($0.24) and a Banquet TV dinner ($0.88). So, $1.12 for my food today at work. I might bring some homemade veggie curry ($0.30-$0.40) but I doubt it. The oatmeal and banquet are usually plenty to get me through the day.

    Note: The Banquets are cheap but not really the cheapest option. I elect to eat them at work because they are easy to fit into my diet without having to measure and weigh stuff in the morning. I could make homemade stuff each day (like the curry) and shave more costs off the food. But then I have to start doing math in the morning.

  3. It is still winter down here so my lunch is home made pumpkin soup, from a pumpkin we had grown, my snacks are fruit toast and raisins. I’ll also be making the most of the plunger coffee at work. My husband is having leftover potato salad and peach crumble from last nights dinner.

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