Paying Off Credit Card

First let me say that I hated the earthquake that happened yesterday on the east coast. It was not a very fun experience. I honestly never ever thought that an earthquake would happen in Virginia so im sure people in California are laughing your asses off at us. Well har har har.

Moving on…
We moved in with the in-laws in February. We had too much credit card debt to be living in a large city paying so much in rent. Since we have moved in with the in-laws we have paid off $4,705 towards credit card debt. We still have $3,114 to go. We hope to move out of the in-laws by November or December. The question is…do we save money or pay down our CC?

We have to move out by the end of the year. We don’t have to, but we have to…get it? No one is making us move but we have to move for our own sanity. I love it there and I love his family. We are so appreciative of everything they have done for us! But we need our own space. We need to feel like a newlywed couple. We are losing so much of the alone time that you are supposed to be spending your first year because someone is always around. It’s hard to get a little night-time nooky when your little sister is banging on the door asking for toilet paper….yes that really happened. Basically we don’t have enough space or time together.

With that said, we are working on painting a house for a family friend. We will be finished by the end of the week and will be receiving a check for $2,000 for the project. What should we do with the money? B thinks we should put it in savings. I think we should put it towards our credit card. In the end we are going to compromise and put half in savings and half on the credit card. Compromising is what marriage is all about, right? I am very pleased with the decision. We will be building up our savings while also knocking down our CC!

Did you feel the earthquake? Or did you and your significant other make a compromise about something you both disagreed on?


4 thoughts on “Paying Off Credit Card

  1. Do you have a small $1,000 emergency fund established yet? If not, I say put half of it into the emergency fund, then the remaining half to credit card debt.

    Glad to hear you made it out alive! Earthquakes scare the BEJEEZUS out of me. That’s why I’ll never move to California or anywhere on the Ring of Fire. But Virginia?? Who would’ve thought…

  2. I would do what you guys did. Half in savings, half credit card. ALthough I would focus more on saving money because it costs a lot to move. I’ve moved 3 times in the past year, and we needed a deposit for each place (which we almost always get back) and on top of that, your stuff doesn’t fit in each place. SO we have to sell stuff, buy stuff for our new abode. you should save like $2,000 for the move. then continue to pay off debt.
    btw–i live in southern california…and yes i laughed. 5.5? you guys are such babies : P

  3. My mother lives with us, add in three kids who came as the package deal when my husband and I married and we have had many of those interuptions. As a much older, but not any wiser person I say GET THE HELL OUT AT FAST AS YOU CAN…RUN…GET A CHEAP APARTMENT. Seriously though you have paid off alot of debt and I myself would consider using it to get an apartment.


  4. I didn’t feel the earthquake because I was driving at the time, which I am very sad about because I feel like I can’t contribute to all of the earthquake talk. I honest felt NOTHING!

    I think that you guys made the right decision to use half of the money to go towards savings, and to use half to pay off your credit cards. You are going to need a cushion when you you move out for not only deposits on place, but incidentals you may need to purchase.

    Plus, i think paying down debt is great, it’s nice to see those red, negative numbers going down, but it’s also nice to see some black, positives as well!

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