– Does anyone else check their bank account numerous times a day? Like all of a sudden extra money is magically going to pop into your savings account… Just me? Thought so.

– I can’t believe it is almost September. Where has the year gone? It honestly drives me crazy thinking about how fast days, weeks, months and years are going. I wish time would slow down so I have more time to enjoy it.

– I haven’t been sleeping very well the past week. My back has been killing me and I toss and turn all night. The heating pad has become my new bff. I have been super stressed the past week or so and I think it’s starting to wear me down. Last night was the worst; I actually kept B up all night too. Sorry babe! I told him ill have a glass…or two….or four of wine tonight and that should help me sleep.

– I am very happy I started this blog. I first started it with the intentions of really helping us get our money in check but I had no idea how much it actually helps. It is so nice to be able to vent, complain, ask questions and brag about the things you are doing. B said he feels like we are actually taking charge of things :0)

– I’m a little scared of stretching myself to thin with a second job. We already have a lot going on but we could really use the money.

– B and I are working on a project. We are painting a house for a family friend. It has taken a lot longer than we thought. It is going on 2 months but in the end we get about $2,000. I’m not sure where that money will go. I’m thinking most on CC and some in savings.

– I’m calling into work sick tomorrow going with my sister-in-law (B’s sister) to try on wedding dresses. She is getting married in May 2012. I am a bridesmaid and B is a groomsman. Upcoming wedding stuff deserves a post to itself.

– See those boxes on the right? Notice the Efund has gone up and the CC has gone down! Seeing things like that makes me really happy!

Have a great night!


5 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. I spent all day at work staring at my and bank balance. So horrible.

    I noticed I’ve become better at time management with the second job. You’ll enjoy your time off that much more, and utilize it better, as well : )

  2. I check multiple times a day too. Although I’m not sure what I’m hoping the numbers will do….

    I can’t believe the summer is almost over with as well. Although I’m pretty happy because hopefully the hot weather is officially gone! I work outside all day, and the heat and humidity were killing me! (although we’ll see what i say in January and we have snow on the ground!)

    Have fun with your SIL trying on wedding dresses. That always seems like it would be so much fun!

  3. Some mornings when I get to work I check our online banking as soon as I’ve logged onto my PC, I don’t know why because I know my husband and I didn’t spend any money while sleeping and no magical deposit ever turns up and one hasn’t turned up again when I check in the afternoon. I think it is the conveinence and the distraction from work.

    Great to see you have updated your side bars and your saving are increasing as your debt decreases.

    Also how anonymous is your blog? As a former manager of staff I would not be impressed to read they were taking sick leave to go wedding dress shopping. (Please take this as some friendly advice as I wouldn’t want you getting into trouble at work because of your blogging).

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