Being Grown-up Sucks

Being an adult sucks. I wish people told you how hard it is to be on your own…oh wait, they did…I just didn’t listen. Looking back now I think how stupid 18-year-old me was. I thought moving out and being on your own would be the best, easiest thing in the world. No worries. No troubles. You get to do whatever you want…when you want. You will be making millions of dollars and not have to work very hard to do it. Boy was I wrong.

Being on your own is extremely difficult. Bills unexpectedly come. Food always need to be bought. Working 40+ hours a week at a job that i hate. Life can be really hard at times. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know B and I will get over this hump. It’s a struggle at times but I honestly think it will make our relationship stronger. Things are difficult right now but I know they wont be like this forever.

We live in a very expensive city but once he is done with school we are going to move to a place we can actually afford. He is working part-time but in a year he will hopefully be working full-time again. I will hopefully find a job I love and makes good money. Every body has times of financial struggle.

People can tell you time and time again that it is difficult being on your own. But until you live it and go through it, you will never fully understand.

18-year-old me is getting a big kick in the ass by 24-year-old me :0)


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