Pimp My Lunchbox

I pack lunch for B and myself everyday. Everyday. Most people hate packing/bringing lunch to work but I love it. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment to know im saving so much money for my family and providing healthy food. It’s common sense that you save money by bringing your lunch to work. I have read online that you can save anywhere from $20-$100 a week. Oh yeah..btw I make kick ass lunches. Lets take a look into my lunchbox today…Shall we?

First off we have a pasta dish. It was leftover from monday night dinner. Packed it up in my to go container while it was still on the in dinner table and we have instant lunch. Whenever I cook dinner I always make enough for lunch the next day. (Sorry for the crapy Blackberry pictures.)

Next up we have a homemade parfait. Strawberries, blueberries, greek yogurt with some cinnamon and homemade granola. Mix it together and its so good.  

And now we have my midmorning snack of carrots and peanut butter. PB is a staple in my house. Honestly B and I eat it every day. For some reason I guess a lot of people don’t eat carrots and PB. I always get strange looks when I eat it together. If you have not tried it you are missing out! 

I also brought 2 hardboiled eggs. So there you have it! This is what im eating today. Nothing fancy just good, easy, healthy, cheap food. So what about you? Do you pack your lunch?


4 thoughts on “Pimp My Lunchbox

  1. My husband and I (also DINK’s) pack our lunches nearly everyday, it is an awesome money saver. We each have “mad money” for the fortnight and don’t like spending it on lunch for work so make the effort at home. I love enjoying a delicious evening meal knowing the leftovers will be in my lunch box the next day.

  2. I’m starting to make an effort again to pack my lunches every day and you are right about packing it while the food is still on the table. Then you REALLY have no excuse! Another thing I’ve found helpful is already having small baggies of food ready to go before the week even starts. Like the carrots, I’ll make up 3-4 bags and leave them in the fridge so in the morning, i can grab a bag as I’m heading out the door. Package up a few different things and it helps keep the week interesting!

    • Packing food up while it is still on the table is the best way to do it! People always tell me they have no time to pack lunches, but when you do it like that it takes 2 mins. I aggree on packing baggies of food so its ready to go! it also helps with portion control.
      Thanks for the comment!

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