Financial Friday

Financial Friday! Lets start the weekend off right.

I think it goes without saying that weekends are hard for everyone. There are always things to do, people to see and food to eat. This weekend im going to go to my parents house to visit my grandmother. She just got out of the hospital so im going to stay with her for a few nights. That means I probably will not be spending much money this weekend. Thank god!


4 thoughts on “Financial Friday

  1. Weekends are hard! Especially with kids home anxious to do something…which usually means spending money! We are leaving on vacation, so we will be doing something and spending money…but it’s all planned.

    Hope your Grandma is feeling better! :)!

  2. Hey our blogs have the same birth month! 🙂 Weekends are usually pretty easy for us, we might get redbox movie, but that’s it. July is different – we have family reunions (went to see Cars 2 w/ cousins) so we’ve been spending money on the weekends.

    • We don’t do much during the weekdays…weekend however is my free time! We are always out doing things and going places. Honestly every weekend is booked the next few months. Thats both good and bad :0)

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