July Spending

July is going to be a bad spending month for us. This month is the start of B going from full-time to part-time. School doesn’t start for him till August so he will still be working close to 40 hours a week. I am interested in seeing what his paycheck will be like. By the end of the month we will spend around $2,200 for his school. Thats money we were not expecting on paying, so it throws us for a loop. Because of that extra money our bank account is low. Like scary low…under a thousand dollars. I really don’t like seeing it with that little in it.

 We are also going to the beach for 10 days at the end of the month. 5 days with my family at Myrtle Beach, SC then going north for 5 days with his family at Outer Banks, NC. I am so freaking excited about taking some time off and going away. We are very lucky because we don’t have to pay for much on this vacation. Our stay is free, we just have to pay for our extra food, drinks and other stuff we want to buy there.

That is our only big spending for this month but it really adds up. Since July is almost over im not going to post July goals. Our only goal is to not go overboard. Maybe ill start monthly goals with August. Do any of you budget people out there make monthly goals to set you on a good path?


3 thoughts on “July Spending

  1. I started making monthly goals and it really helps me focus even though we rarely make our goals, hah!

    also, our bank account is always low. like usually around $300 or less. We keep most of our money in savings, and once bills are paid and everything we usually have about $500 to keep us in between paychecks, which goes for food, gas, and entertainment….

    • Do you pay your bills from your checking? and do you get them taken automatically out or do you pay your bills through checks or online? we get everything automatically taken out which is good but it scares me that something could be taken out without me knowing its coming and then we overdraft. sorry for all the questions..i just like knowing how other couples do it

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