Welcome to our personal finance blog. It is a place where we can come a write about our goals, savings and will hopefully motivate us to stick to our budget. We are going to keep our identities private because basically we don’t want everyone we know learning about our finances. I would rather talk about it with perfect strangers…if that make sense?

I work full-time and my husband goes to school full-time. He works part-time so you can imaging our struggle with living off of one and a half incomes. We live in a very expensive city near Washington D.C. and currently living with my in-laws to save money. It is a great experience and we love them very much but we are ready to get out on our own. Hopefully with in the next few months we can save up enough money while living comfortably on mostly one paycheck. Its going to be a big struggle but hopefully we can make it work!


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ll enjoy reading about all of your successes!! :)! I used to want to stay anonymous, but I’ve met so many wonderful people from blogging that I wanted them to know who I really was. BUT, I understand perfectly why you want to do it!

    I, too, live right outside of Washington, DC (my husband commutes there every day!). I’m on the VA side. :)!

    I’m going to put you on my sidebar so I can follow your savings successes!

    Thanks again for your kind comment!

    • Thank you! I’m sure once I really get into this blogging thing I will probably not stay anonymous…but for now it’s working for us :0) Im excited to see where our blog takes us!

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